Google adds NFC to its latest Titan Security Keys

Google Titan Security Keys with NFC
EXTRA SECURITY: The latest Titan Security Keys now have NFC for connecting to most mobile devices

Google has added NFC functionality to both of the latest versions of its Titan Security Key, enabling Google account holders to use them as a second layer of authentication when signing into their account or compatible third-party apps and services by tapping the key on their mobile device.

Previously, only the USB-A version of the key offered NFC functionality for authenticating with Android and iOS devices, but Google has also now added it to the USB-C version as well.

The security keys work in conjunction with Google’s Advanced Protection Program, enabling users to enrol the key to their computer or mobile device and use it “like a second lock after your password” to provide an added layer of protection against phishing and account hacking.

“Since NFC functionality is now supported by a wide range of Android phones and iPhones, we are discontinuing Bluetooth Titan Security Key and focusing on the easier and more widely available NFC capability,” Google explains in a blog post.

“However, for existing users with our Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, these will continue to work with Bluetooth and will continue to work as an NFC key on most modern mobile devices.”

Google adds NFC to its latest Titan Security Keys was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.