Tramvie trams in Bergamo with account-based contactless ticketing
CLOUD ACCOUNT: Passengers on Bergamo’s trams can now use account-based contactless ticketing

Passengers on buses, trams and funicular railway services in the northern Italian city of Bergamo can now make contactless payments for their fares using their credit or debit card or from a digital wallet on their NFC-enabled mobile device.

Bus and funicular railway operator Azienda Trasporti Bergamo (ATB) and tram operator Tramvie Elettriche Bergasmasche (TEB) have rolled out the account-based ticketing service on all their vehicles and installed some 600 onboard contactless validators across their networks.

“The contactless payment system on ATB and TEB vehicles uses account-based ticketing, which means the ticket is not stored on a device or other media, such as a smartphone or smart card, but in the cloud,” explains technology provider Conduent Transportation.

“This enables a range of devices or media to be securely linked via the cloud to the passenger’s account in the back office, making travel easier and more connected.”

At launch the service supports credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express, as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on NFC-enabled smartphones and smart watches.

Bergamo rolls out account-based contactless ticketing across public transport network was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.