The cloud attendance and access control system

Cloud attendance and access control

SECURE GATE is a cloud system for managing attendance and accesses. Instead of a badge or a token, use our app to clock in/out and open doors and gates. The two services can also be used independently of one another, so it can only work as an attendance control system or only as access control. The SECURE GATE app communicates via Bluetooth with our electronic device and via the Internet with the cloud server, in both cases using the best cryptographic technologies and an architecture designed to ensure the security and inviolability of the service.

A single app for attendance and access

The SELFBLUE GATE app can be downloaded for free from the stores and allows you to clock in/out and open doors and gates in your company, in your home building and anywhere you need to be enabled for entry and exit. The app has a dynamic user interface and thanks to Bluetooth you can see the buttons for opening and closing only when and where they are needed.

Clock in and out

With the app you validate the entry and exit, keep track of the entry and exit times and of total hours spent. Compared to a badge or a token, the app has a powerful user interface so the user has under control his activity reducing possible mistakes.

Check the history of your activity

With the app, the user can check the history of his activity at any time. For each month and for each week, the app allows you to view entry and exit times, absences, work permits enjoyed, etc. All this with a simple and effective interface.

Check the privileges of your profile

On the app you can view your access privileges: entry and exit times, enabled days of the week, doors or gates from which you can access. The privileges can be temporary or permanent, so they always have a start date, while the stop date can already be set (temporary permission) or not set (permanent permission).

Secure Gate control panel

The cloud panel for administrators

The SELFBLUE GATE cloud panel is a real information system for attendance control and access control. You define profiles, enter privileges and control all user activities, both at the aggregate level and at the individual user level. Each organization can manage multiple locations and establish permanent or temporary access.