The cloud for your OCS network

Selfblue OCS

Manage your OCS machines

SELFBLUE OCS is a cloud management system for OCS (Office Coffee Service) machines. With SELFBLUE OCS you can manage a network of coffee machines without having an expensive telemetry. Just install on the machines a hardware device that communicates via Bluetooth with our app.

A single app for operators and final users

The SELFBLUE OCS app can be downloaded for free from the stores and has two different profiles, one for users and one for operators. With the app you program the machine by pre-loading the number of products dispensing beyond which the machine is blocked. In addition, you check the settings and usage data, you can make orders and purchases of coffee.

Selfblue OCS app

Set the machine

For the machine to work, you need to preload a certain number of products dispensing. The OCS operator can send it directly on the user’s app. Alternatively, it can generate a QR code that the user will scan with the app.

Selfblue OCS home

Check settings and products dispensing

With the app you can control some setting parameters, check the total products dispensing made and that remaining before the block. In addition, the app automatically sends to the cloud a log file where all operations performed on the machine are recorded.

Selfblue OCS activity
Selfblue OCS control panel

The cloud for OCS operators

To the OCS operators, SELFBLUE OCS offers a cloud control panel accessible with a browser. The control panel manages the machines data and the users’ personal data, the usage statistics, the products dispensing made, the thresholds and the alarms for maintenance. On the control panel it is possible to collect orders and purchases of coffee. In addition, for managers who already have an e-commerce site, SELFBLUE OCS can be integrated so that users can purchase directly from the app.