Vipps MobilePay launch P2P payments across the Nordics

Starting immediately, Vipps MobilePay has enabled the Nordic countries 11.6 million Vipps and MobilePay users in Denmark, Finland and Norway to send money to each other, only using a phone number.

Vipps MobilePay launch across the Nordics

Sweden will follow in the autumn, when Vipps is introduced in the Swedish marked.

Despite the countries proximity and close trading nature, in the Nordics, sending money to each other has been a hassle.

“Our users have for a long time asked us to simplify sending money across the Nordics,” says Rune Garborg, CEO of Vipps MobilePay.

“Now, we have the solution ready. That means goodbye to long IBAN numbers and tedious button-pushing.  This is the first of many steps we are taking to bring the Nordics even closer together.”

A transfer will cost 4% of the transaction’s amount. The fee will be clearly stated in the app when the user sends money.

In addition, the user’s bank will have an exchange fee. It costs nothing to receive the money. It will still be free of charge to send money to your friends and family within each country and in the same currency.

“Our aim is to offer the simplest solution. Sending money will now be very, very easy whether you’re sharing a meal with Nordic friends or sending a money gift to your Nordic relative,” says Garborg.

While the service initially is about sending money between person to person, it will soon also be possible to pay to the 325 000 merchants and organisations that use Vipps MobilePay in the three countries.

Hello, Sweden! 

In Q4 2024, Swedes will be able to download the Vipps app and easily send money to their neighbouring countries. This will work in the same simple way where you only need a phone number.

“Sweden is the biggest Nordic country. And of course, Swedes should be able to be a part of this feature. We are therefore very eager to launch the Vipps App in the Swedish marked,” concludes Garborg.


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