Starbucks trials reusable contactless cups

CIRCULAR LIVING: Customers are entered for a prize draw when they return their Borrow A Cup

Customers at 12 Starbucks outlets in the US state of California can now opt to have their beverage served in a reusable cup that they can return after use to a smart collection bin which scans the cup and then automatically enters them for a prize draw.

The coffee chain is trialling the reusable Borrow A Cup as part of an ongoing initiative to promote reusable and recyclable packaging across 25 markets worldwide.

The California pilot is taking place at stores in Napa and Petaluma and runs until 22 October.

“Starbucks teamed up with Turn Systems for the test, using their high-tech collection bins to understand cup return behavior,” Starbucks says.

“Customers who bring in their own clean personal cup will receive the standard $0.10 off with an additional 25 Bonus Stars for Starbucks Rewards members.

“When a customer returns a borrowed cup, they also have the option to register online with Turn for a chance to win a prize.”

As well as the reusable Borrow A Cup, customers can also choose to bring their own personal cup or use For Here Ware, “a reusable ceramic or glass cup for customers who opt to sit and stay in café”.

Starbucks trials reusable contactless cups was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.