NFC Forum unveils technology roadmap

The NFC Forum has officially announced its technology roadmap for the next five years, including the addition of support for multiple purpose tags, an increase in range for NFC transactions, a modernisation of device-to-device communication, expanded data sharing options and increased power for wireless charging. 

Details of the roadmap for the five years to 2028 were first revealed by executive director Mike McCamon in a presentation for NFCW’s Contactless World Congress online events series on 8 June.

“This comprehensive roadmap includes five key initiatives and offers a unique glimpse into the future of NFC, highlighting the technology’s direction and anticipated product development, market, and business opportunities for the next two to five years,” the NFC standards organisation says.

“Through our continuously evolving standards, business-line managers and product designers will be able to create new and exciting products and services that customers will love,” McCamon adds.

“As NFC technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, our planned features have the potential to significantly enhance the way we pay and receive payments; engage with our favourite brands; power our devices; and access sustainable products and services.”

NFCW members can access a recording of McCamon’s presentation along with a copy of his slide deck here.

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NFC Forum unveils technology roadmap was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.