MTA to add fare capping to Omny contactless ticketing?

FARER CAP: Currently users can only make a contactless fare payment for a single adult journey on Omny

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York is to consider adding fare capping to its Omny open loop fare payment system so users making multiple journeys on subway and bus services during a week or month pay no more than the price of the equivalent unlimited travel pass.

At present passengers can only use Omny to make contactless fare payments for single adult journeys costing US$2.75 each.

“If you ride a certain number of rides, at some point the algorithm will tell you […] the best deal for you is to have an unlimited [pass], it will give you the benefit of that,” acting MTA chair Janno Lieber told NBC New York.

He added that the implementation of fare capping was “not likely before 2022” and that “more of the details still need to be worked out”.

“Anything we do involves reprogramming all those vending machines in the stations and working on the software […] and we have not made a final decision exactly how this will work,” Lieber said.

The MTA confirmed in March that it was planning to incorporate more fare options into the Omny system.

MTA to add fare capping to Omny contactless ticketing? was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.