L’Oréal cosmetics brand to launch face stickers with NFC

DIGITAL MAKEUP: Purchasers scan the NFC stickers with their smartphone to access and apply AR filters

L’Oréal cosmetics brand Shu Uemura has unveiled limited edition stickers embedded with an NFC chip that purchasers can place on their face and then scan with their NFC smartphone to create digital content.

The stickers enable users to access and apply three interactive augmented reality (AR) filters to enhance images of themselves on multimedia messaging platform Snapchat and to add digital makeup to avatars in the metaverse.

Shu Uemura has also announced that it is working with digital fashion brand Rtfkt to develop AR filters and digital makeup that can be ‘worn’ by avatars in Rtkft’s Clone X avatar ecosystem.

“Each sticker cleverly incorporates a state-of-the-art micro NFC chip that blends into the design. A new world of augmented reality content starts here,” Shu Uemura explains.

“Put the sticker on your face and hold your smartphone close to reveal a world of exciting new possibilities. Create and share digital content with access to original augmented reality filters on Snapchat. 

“This is powered by cutting-edge facial recognition technology powered by Snapchat. Interactive filters are integrated into physical stickers worn on the user’s face, providing one of three AR experiences based on themes derived from Japan (camelia flowers, calligraphy, and multi-colour overlays).” 

Shu Uemura showcased an Rtfkt avatar ‘wearing’ one of the stickers during the Viva Technology 2023 event in Paris last month and says it is collaborating with the brand “to bring out the limitless creativity of the Rtfkta digital creative community”.

Rtfkt and Nike launched a hoodie incorporating an NFC chip that enables purchasers to connect it to a digital version of the garment in Rtkft’s Clone X avatar ecosystem in August 2022.

L’Oréal cosmetics brand to launch face stickers with NFC was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.