Iowa lets residents store their digital driving licence and state ID on their smartphone

DIGITAL CREDENTIALS: Iowa’s mobile ID app can store a digital version of state ID and driving licence

Residents of the US state of Iowa can now generate and store a digital version of their driving licence or state ID card on their Apple or Android smartphone and use it to verify their identity and/or age at selected businesses across the state.

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) has rolled out the state’s Mobile ID app that enables users to generate digital versions of state-issued ID credentials on their smartphone, secure them with biometrics or a PIN, and select the personal data they share with parties requesting age or identity verification.

Mobile ID can also be used to verify identity at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport security checkpoints that support digital ID authentication. 

In addition, the state has added support for digital ID recognition to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division’s Age to Purchase app, allowing merchants selling age-restricted goods such as alcohol or tobacco to scan a customer’s digital credential with their smartphone to confirm its validity.

“The mobile ID app registration process contains multi-step verification for security and protection,” technology provider Idemia explains.

“Users register their device’s phone number, binding the mobile ID to their device and their device only.

“Next, following our patented methodology, users capture both sides of their state issued physical ID using their smartphone camera and take a selfie that includes liveness detection. This information is verified against what is on file with the system of record, the Iowa Department of Transportation, as the second authentication factor. Once identity is confirmed, registration is complete.

“The third and final authentication factor is when users select and confirm a personal identification number, stored only on the device. Users can also use other biometrics such as Face ID or fingerprint to access the app.

“With Iowa DOT pushing regular credential updates to the Iowa Mobile ID app, Iowa businesses can have the most-up-to-date status, including if an ID has been revoked or cancelled.”

Samsung announced it is to enable Galaxy smartphone users in Iowa and Arizona to add and store digital versions of their driving licence and state ID documents in Samsung Wallet last month.

Iowa DOT originally revealed plans to develop a mobile driving licence in December 2014.

Iowa lets residents store their digital driving licence and state ID on their smartphone was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.