Boston’s Fenway Park opens contactless food and drink stores

CONTACTLESS: Customers place items in the Caper Counter, which identifies and adds them to the cart

Fans attending baseball matches at Fenway Park in Boston in the USA can now purchase food and drink at two outlets in the Boston Red Sox stadium using AI-powered contactless point of sale technology.

Users place their purchases on a device known as a Caper Counter, which visually identifies items based on their shape, colour, key features and size and enables users to pay for them contactlessly.

“Caper Counter is powered by AI — including computer vision and sensor fusion technology,” grocery delivery giant Instacart, which supplied the technology, explains.

“Customers place items for purchase on Caper Counter, where they will be automatically detected and added to the cart for checkout.

“Customers then select ‘pay’ and choose from either a credit card, loaded ticket or team rewards as their method of payment, and can then gather their food and beverages, completing a seamless, autonomous transaction.”

Hospitality services provider Aramark Sports + Entertainment has rolled out three Caper Counter devices at its Truly Terrace and Walk Thru Bru outlets at the ballpark so “guests can quickly and seamlessly grab their favourite snack and get back to their seats to enjoy the game with their family and friends”, the company says.

Boston’s Fenway Park opens contactless food and drink stores was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.