Apple Pay to go live in Chile?

Apple Pay is preparing to roll out in Chile, the payment service’s Chilean support page reveals.

Apple Pay published the page in Spanish last week, instructing users how to make payments in stores, within apps and on websites, but has yet to name Chile as a country where the service is accepted or to identify any Chilean banks that support it.

It published a similar support page prior to its official launch in Mexico in February.

The move follows a report by Chilean news service Chócale In September that Banco di Chile customers were temporarily able to add their credit card to Apple Pay by changing the regional setting on their iPhone to the US.

The bank subsequently “blocked the possibility of enrolling credit cards in Apple Wallet. In addition, it was found that face-to-face purchases could not be made at Transbank POS,” the news service said.

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Apple Pay to go live in Chile? was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.