SELFBLUE. Updated the control panel with new stats about machines and users

An update of SELFBLUE has been released with new features of the Control Panel for vending operators. In particular, the updates concern statistics at various levels.
1. “Stats” –> “General”. Summarizing boxes have been added for all the different operations, recharges, sales, recharge methods, remaining total balance of wallets, etc. In this way it is possible to always have SELFBLUE’s financial flow under control.
2. “Stats” –> “Machines”. A new page has been added with a summary of the created machines and some statistics on the best performing machines both in terms of total sales and in terms of average daily sales. Clicking on any histogram bar opens the page with the details of that machine’s statistics.
3. “Stats” –> “Users”. This new menu item has been added to represent a series of general user statistics. Two graphs are also shown with the most active users, both in terms of total expenditure and average daily expenditure. Also in this case, by clicking on any bar of the histograms, you are directed to the profile of that user. In this menu the user profiles that were previously in the “Users” –> “Profiles” menu have also been moved.

More and more therefore the SELFBLUE Control Panel is configured as a small vending management system, light and performing, which over time is enriched with new features.