SELFBLUE. Improved the user experience of the “Social drinks” feature on the mobile app

With this update, the mobile app will show the user:

  • On which vending machine or, alternatively, on which type of vending machine you can use free drinks;
  • Optionally, on which selection or which price to use the free drinks.

Furthermore, for vending operators, the maximum number of free drinks that can be sent each time has been increased from 30 to 99. Examples:
1) You send 20 free monthly drinks that can only be used on a specific vending machine (to be selected from the machine list) and on a specific selection, or on products with a specific price, for example 10 cents;
2) You send 20 free monthly drinks that can only be used on one type of machines, for example those of Hot Beverages. Also in this case you can choose the selection or price of the product to which the promotion applies.
The “Free Drinks” promotion page has also been updated with the list of free drinks used, for which the report can be downloaded for any time period. For each free drink the selling price set on the machine is shown, in this way the consumptions used can be accounted for and, possibly, invoiced to the company.