US truckers get mobile wallet and digital cards for contactless fuel payments

CONTACTLESS: Advance funds for fuel can be sent to carriers and their drivers via the mobile wallet app

Freight brokers in the US can now transfer advance payments for fuel to carriers and their drivers using a mobile wallet app that allows drivers to make contactless fuel payments from their smartphone.

The wallet allows brokers to manage, monitor and send fuel advances to carriers or owner-operators in the form of digital payment cards that drivers can then use to make “point and tap” payments while they’re on the road at truck stops and gas stations across the country.

The Transflo Wallet “will enable freight brokers to effortlessly send digital fuel advances to carriers and drivers through a secure and user-friendly mobile app, streamlining fuel transactions”, supply chain management solution provider Transflo says.

“Fuel advances have long been a challenge for freight brokers, with conventional payment methods like checks and plastic fuel cards proving inefficient, costly, and susceptible to fraud. Furthermore, these traditional methods fail to help carriers effectively manage and reduce fuel expenses.

“Transflo Wallet addresses these issues by offering a modern mobile user experience for drivers and unparalleled visibility and control for brokers.”

“The advanced security features of Transflo Wallet protect carriers from fraud and unauthorized access, offering peace of mind and allowing them to concentrate on their operations,” the wallet provider adds.

“Furthermore, Transflo Wallet delivers features that enable carriers to streamline their fuel management and reduce their overall fuel expenses.”

The solution uses proprietary virtual card technology provided by Comdata, the fleet management and payments processor that launched the Virtual Comchek system in September 2020 to enable US trucking fleets to send drivers one-time-use mobile payments cards for on-demand expense payments.

US truckers get mobile wallet and digital cards for contactless fuel payments was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.