US HVAC company adds NFC to gas furnaces to ease installation and servicing

INSTANT DIAGNOSTICS: An NFC tag has been added to Carrier’s gas furnaces to aid installation

US-based heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions provider Carrier has incorporated NFC into its latest generation of gas furnaces for residential central heating systems to enable technicians to modify installation settings and access diagnostic information on an NFC smartphone or tablet.

Carrier has added an NFC tag to the control board of its redesigned range of gas furnaces to “help ensure our customers receive quicker installation and servicing”, the company says.

“With the tap of a phone, dealers can modify installation settings and pull diagnostic information, all without power or cell phone service,” Carrier explains.

“NFC functionality has been incorporated into the existing Carrier Service Tech App for dealers and technicians and offers features such as: 

built-in verifications for a quality install and fewer callbacks;

detailed diagnostic information and troubleshooting tips;

‘save favourite’ feature for repeat floorplans or multi-unit installations;

export report functionality.”

“NFC for our gas furnaces is next-level technology to support our technicians in the field,” Carrier’s Justin Keppy adds.

“NFC connectivity empowers dealers to install accurately and efficiently and receive clear diagnostic information. Dealers are at the forefront of customer care, and NFC puts innovative connectivity in the palm of their hand.”

US HVAC company adds NFC to gas furnaces to ease installation and servicing was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.