US EV maker lets drivers lock and unlock vehicles with a glance

BIOMETRICS: Persona recognises the driver and automatically unlocks and starts the vehicle

US electric vehicle manufacturer Mullen Automotive is enabling owners of its commercial and consumer vehicles to lock and unlock vehicle doors and initiate functions including safety features and charging options with their face.

Mullen is integrating the AI-powered biometric solution — known as Persona — into all of its vehicle ranges after testing the technology with consumers last year.

“An ideal commercial use case scenario for Persona is with high-volume package, last-mile delivery cargo vans, promoting greater delivery efficiency and driver safety. In many cases, drivers on high-volume routes with multiple stops on each street are required to secure their delivery vehicle before each package delivery,” Mullen explains.

“This can often result in added time and stress and reduced overall efficiency for the route and driver. Persona’s facial recognition can solve this issue by recognising the driver from a distance of 8 to 10 feet and automatically unlocking the vehicle and turning it on — ready for the driver to jump in and head to the next stop down the street.”

US EV maker lets drivers lock and unlock vehicles with a glance was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.