US entertainment venues roll out contactless digital cloakroom ticketing using NFC

CONTACTLESS: Customers check in and then retrieve items using a digital ticket on their NFC devices

Concert-goers attending events at entertainment venues across North America will soon be able to check in and check out coats, bags and other items at the cloakroom with a tap of their NFC-enabled Apple or Android device rather than using a paper ticket.

To use the service, customers add a digital ticket, known as a ChexPass, to Apple Wallet or Google Pay by scanning a QR code at the cloakroom entrance and then tapping it on an NFC reader when they hand over the item they want to check in.

When they are ready to collect it, they again tap their ChexPass on the NFC reader to enable cloakroom staff to identify and retrieve the item for them.

If an item is not retrieved, its owner will receive a text message alerting them that they have left it behind.

“At pickup, guests no longer need to fumble in their pockets for a paper claim ticket, or worse, describe what their item looks like,” explains service provider Chexology.

“With a single tap, the attendant is able to pull up the guest’s profile and know exactly where to find their items.”

The system has been launched in partnership with Live Nation Entertainment, Big Night Entertainment Group, The Bowery Presents, IMP Concerts and House of Blues. It will initially be available at venues including Webster Hall and Terminal 5 in New York City, The Anthem in Washington DC and House of Blues locations across the US.

Other venues in the country, including stadiums, theatres, convention centres and museums, will roll out the service “over the next year”.

“In the future, ChexPass customers will see several additional benefits, including express drop-off/pick up options, self-queuing and passive operational and promotional notifications based on location, time and beacons,” Chexology adds.

US entertainment venues roll out contactless digital cloakroom ticketing using NFC was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.