Turkish taxis drivers get contactless payments acceptance on NFC Android phones

Payneer software POS for Android NFC payment in Turkish taxis
SOFT POS: Taxi drivers download the Payneer app to convert their NFC Android device into a software POS

Taxi drivers in Turkey can now accept contactless payments on their NFC Android smartphone without needing a separate point of sale (POS) terminal or any other additional hardware.

Turkish taxi firm Taxi 7×24 is piloting a software POS (sPOS) solution that enables drivers to convert an NFC device supporting Android 8.1 or above into a contactless payments terminal by downloading an app.

The app also enables drivers to transfer their earnings from the payments collected to a prepaid card that they can use to withdraw cash from ATMs or make card payments.

“Taxi drivers who were able to receive payment by credit card were using traditional POS machines provided by banks. However, when a taxi driver wanted to buy a POS machine, there were too many procedures, documents and processes,” explains Payneer Technology, the technology provider implementing the solution in partnership with Taxi 7×24 and Yapi Kredi bank.

“Payneer POS solution, on the other hand, has a flexible and dynamic infrastructure that can be used immediately after the application is downloaded.

“At the same time, it eliminates connection problems as payments can be made wherever there is mobile internet.

“Since it is a mobile application, it does not bring any additional cost to the taxi driver, such as technical and maintenance costs.

“Moreover, customers can add a tip to the driver through the Payneer POS. In this way, we provide added value to the taxi ecosystem and enable drivers to earn extra income.”

Taxi 7×24 plans to roll the solution out to some 10,000 taxis “within a year”.

Turkish taxis drivers get contactless payments acceptance on NFC Android phones was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.