TSA adds support for Colorado digital IDs on Android smartphones at Denver International Airport

VERIFICATION: Travellers can now use their Colorado-issued digital ID at TSA checkpoints at Denver International Airport. Image: Denver International Airport

Residents of the US state of Colorado travelling through Denver International Airport can now verify their identity at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint using a state-issued digital driving licence or identity card stored in Google Wallet on their Android smartphone.

The TSA has added support for Colorado digital IDs on Android devices at the airport after enabling residents to use digital IDs stored in Apple Wallet when the state began issuing mobile driving licences and state IDs for Apple users in November 2022.

“Coloradans whose travel originates at Denver International Airport (DEN) can use their digital ID for identity verification in the TSA PreCheck lanes at the North Security Checkpoint. This is where TSA has the latest generation of Credential Authentication Technology referred to as CAT-2,” the TSA says.

“The CAT-2 units are equipped with digital ID readers and a camera that captures a real-time photo of the traveller. Through a secure internet connection, the units are also able to verify that an individual is ticketed for air travel, so the traveller does not need to show a boarding pass.

“CAT-2 compares the traveller’s photo on the state-issued ID against the in-person, real-time photo. Once the unit confirms a match, a TSA officer verifies it and the traveller can proceed to security screening.

“TSA officers can perform additional passenger verification if needed. For travellers who do not have a digital ID, their physical credential can be scanned by the CAT-2 unit for identity verification.”

“DEN is one of 26 airports nationwide with CAT-2 units in place. Colorado is one of seven states that offers digital IDs for their residents. The other states include Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland and Utah,” the TSA adds.

Google Wallet began letting users store digital IDs and driving licences on Android smartphones in Colorado, Arizona and Georgia in October.

TSA adds support for Colorado digital IDs on Android smartphones at Denver International Airport was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.