Tesco introduces hybrid stores that combine contactless shopping with traditional checkouts

CHECKOUT-FREE: Customers pick GetGo in their Tesco.com app and scan the in-app code on their way out

UK supermarket chain Tesco is to open three hybrid stores that give customers the option of choosing a checkout-free, automated shopping experience, an unattended self-checkout station or a conventional, manned checkout.

Tesco is opening the three new GetGo stores in London and Birmingham as part of its ongoing trial of checkout-free contactless shopping technology.

“We know that our customers appreciate the ease of being able to shop quickly through a checkout-free store, but we’re making the GetGo experience accessible to more customers who want to try it, ensuring we remain easily the most convenient for everyone,” Tesco’s Kevin Tindell says.

“Our hybrid stores will help us to do just that, combining the convenience of a frictionless shop with the option to use a self-service checkout and always alongside helpful friendly service from our colleagues.”

How it works

“Shoppers choosing the checkout-free option simply need to download the Tesco app and select the GetGo option. They can then just walk in and pick their shopping, before scanning their app as they walk out,” Tesco explains.

“A combination of cameras and weight sensors will establish what customers have picked up and charge them for products directly through the app when they leave the store.

“Customers who don’t have the Tesco app can use the new hybrid stores in the same way as usual, paying at the attended or self-service checkouts. They can then scan their receipt to exit the barriers. Colleagues will be on hand to help.

“There will be a section in all stores specifically for age-restricted products, with a separate exit where Tesco colleagues will manually conduct age verification.”

A short video explains how the hybrid contactless stores will work.

Tesco launched its first GetGo contactless store in London in October 2021 and this will “continue to offer a purely checkout-free model”.

Tesco introduces hybrid stores that combine contactless shopping with traditional checkouts was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.