Sunderland football club to roll out contactless NFC ticketing

NFC TICKETING: Fans will be able to use digital tickets on their mobile devices from the 23-24 season

Fans of Sunderland AFC football club in the UK will be able to gain entry to home games at the Stadium of Light from the beginning of the 2023-24 season using a digital NFC season pass or match ticket stored on their smartphone or smart watch at stadium turnstiles.

The English Championship side is to roll out a contactless NFC ticketing system that enables fans to purchase digital tickets or passes online that are delivered directly into Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. They can then use these to access the stadium by tapping an NFC reader with their device.

The system “will allow matchday fans and event visitors fast and secure access to the stadium whilst also helping to reduce the club’s carbon footprint and contributing to SAFC’s sustainability goals,” technology provider APT Skidata says.

“SAFC will be working closely with APT Skidata in the off season to produce comprehensive fan communications around how to download and use NFC passes for entry to the Stadium of Light for both general and hospitality access. The 2023-24 campaign season will see the change come into effect.”

Leeds United Football Club rolled out contactless NFC ticketing in July 2022 and Liverpool Football Club introduced digital-only NFC ticketing for home games in July 2021.

Sunderland football club to roll out contactless NFC ticketing was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.