ST sets out the benefits of NFC in healthcare and wellness applications

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: A new white paper by STMicroelectronics that explains how suppliers of healthcare and wellness devices can use NFC technology to implement convenient and easy-to-use real-time patient monitoring, fitness tracking and medical product supply chain applications is now available to download from the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

‘How NFC can enhance healthcare and wellness experiences’ provides detailed insight into the use of dynamic NFC tags in combination with biometric monitors, sensors and other connected devices in internet of medical things (IoMT) applications and explains how NFC technology can be applied across multiple use cases including data logging, device charging and device pairing in hospitals, clinics and at home.

The paper also explains how NFC tags can be used to monitor a device or medical product across its entire lifecycle, ensure supply chain security and end-user safety as well as upgrade and maintain firmware when necessary.

“The IoMT brings the medical and digital world together in order to improve existing solutions and optimise health care by allowing devices to communicate in a secure way over the internet,” the paper explains.

“This enables an increased speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatments as well as monitoring patients in real time, through devices such as smart wearables.

“When it comes to delivering a convenient and intuitive technology, NFC has a lot to offer to healthcare and wellness ecosystems. These are generally complex environments, involving several stakeholders.

“Therefore the need for a ‘technology that is simple’ and which can ensure a convenient connectivity and consumer-friendly interfaces is all the more essential.”

Find out more and download the paper from the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

ST sets out the benefits of NFC in healthcare and wellness applications was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.