ST launches advisory service for brands looking to adopt NFC

ST25CONNECT: Romain Pardo explains ST’s support program for brands that want to add NFC to their products

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: STMicroelectronics has introduced a new service that provides brands with access to the support and guidance they need to easily integrate NFC technology into their products.

ST25Connect provides brands with a single point of contact they can use to connect with ST’s technical experts and with a network of trusted partners around the world, program leader Romain Pardo tells NFCW’s Sarah Clark in a 20-minute interview which is now available to watch in the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

The program is available to companies of all sizes for both relatively simple and highly complex NFC implementation projects and is offered free of charge to qualifying brands, he explains.

“NFC technology offers many possibilities, but the physical integration brings some constraints that we have to consider right from the beginning of the project,” Pardo says.

“In practice, the NFC implementation process involves several stakeholders, like inlay makers, system integrators, software developers and so on. So it may bring different challenges.

“On top of providing the silicon, STMicroelectronics can support the customer and provide full expertise and support to companies from a wide range of industries and also offer a network of trusted partners, which is going to be necessary for the best business setup.”

“We see more and more industries looking at NFC technology and investing in this technology,” Pardo adds. “We really want to support the brands who are maybe not fully aware of NFC technology and especially the NFC constraints. We really want to work with them and to make sure they can take full advantage of this technology.”

Readers interested in learning more about the ST25Connect service can visit ST’s website or watch the interview here.

ST launches advisory service for brands looking to adopt NFC was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.