Selfblue is great

Selfblue is great
for vending operators

SELFBLUE is an end-to-end solution to setup a mobile wallet for vending machines.
It includes a hardware device, the user app, the configuration app and the cloud control panel.

The “magic” box

The SELFBLUE device is a cashless MDB slave device, so to work it must be connected to a MDB master.
The device is set up using a mobile configuration app that can be downloaded for free from the Android app store.
Setup is very simple and can be done in seconds.
The device is small in size and measures only (mm): 80x42x28

John’s experience with SELFBLUE

John is a SELFBLUE user. In his workplace there are two vending machines, one for cold drinks, the other for hot drinks, both equipped with the SELFBLUE device.
When he opens the app, he immediately sees the list of machines.
John selects the vending machine on which to make a purchase, for example the one for cold drinks. The credit available in his wallet appears on the display of the vending machine.
At this point John chooses a drink with a price of 50 cents and on the app he sees his credit decrease by 50 cents.
If there is a change giver or a banknote acceptor on the vending machine, John can top up the wallet directly from the vending machine by inserting coins or banknotes.

Where is SELFBLUE used?

SELFBLUE can be installed on any unattended machine where a mobile wallet is needed. SELFBLUE is currently used on vending machines and public water houses. We have also a special version for waste compactors or reverse vending machine (like the Tritech by FAS) so as to get money back on the wallet every time a waste is delivered. This is our contribution to the circular economy!