Samsung lets Galaxy foldable phone users customise their device using NFC

ECO-FRIENDS: Users scan an NFC-enabled card to match their screen to the design of the accessories

Users of selected Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones including the Galaxy Z Flip 5 can now customise their phone screen with an NFC-enabled insert that enables them to coordinate the on-screen design with accessories in Samsung’s Eco-Friends range.

The accessories are made using a minimum of 40% recycled materials and feature 11 characters and designs from Disney, Marvel, Minions, Pokémon and popular K-pop artists.

“Also available with this launch is the ability for customers to coordinate their foldable phone screens with Samsung Eco-Friends accessories through near-field communication (NFC) technology and QR codes. This allows users to express themselves with a design that is cohesive from case to screen,” Samsung says.

“With the introduction of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the exclusive Flipsuit case features an NFC-based Flipsuit card that enables a new experience by automatically playing screen themes when it is inserted into the product.

“By simply replacing the Flipsuit card provided by Samsung Eco-Friends, customers can easily set the screen theme depending on their preferences.”

At launch, the Eco-Friends range of accessories is available in more than 40 countries including South Korea, China, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, UAE and the US.

Google launched a similar feature for its Nexus phones in 2016. My Live Case users could match up the wallpaper image on their phone with the design on a custom case using an NFC chip embedded in the case.

Samsung lets Galaxy foldable phone users customise their device using NFC was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.