Samsung adds NFC to Galaxy SmartTags to help users track lost belongings

SECURITY: Samsung suggests hiding a SmartTag2 on your bicycle to make it easy to find

Samsung has added an NFC-enabled Lost Mode to its upgraded Galaxy SmartTags that enables users to upload a message containing their contact information that anyone finding their tagged belongings when they have been lost or misplaced can scan in order to return them.

Users can attach the Galaxy SmartTag2 to items such as keys, bags, bicycles or the collars of their pets, register them on their SmartThings app and then locate them themselves using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and ultra wideband (UWB) technology or by accessing Samsung’s SmartThings Find feature if objects are out of BLE or UWB range.

The addition of NFC support now also means that “anyone who discovers an item with a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached can use their smartphone to scan the tag and see the owners’ message and contact information,” Samsung explains.

“This means a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached to a pet’s collar is now a convenient way to ensure the pet owner’s phone number is always there, in most places where the pet might wander.

“Lost Mode works with any mobile device with NFC reader and web browser.”

A Samsung user’s guide shows how bicycle owners can attach, activate and use the upgraded tag in order to track down their bicycle when they lose it and prevent bike loss.

“With the Galaxy SmartTag2, we set out to make sure Samsung Galaxy users can find their belongings in an easy and intuitive way,” Samsung EVP Jaeyeon Jung says.

“With an enhanced finding experience and a longer battery life, Galaxy SmartTag2 will provide users with greater peace of mind for longer and in more situations.”

Samsung originally unveiled its BLE and UWB SmartTags for Galaxy users in January 2021. 

Samsung adds NFC to Galaxy SmartTags to help users track lost belongings was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.