Queensland to launch digital driving licence in 2023

DIGITAL ID: Queenslanders will be able to store their driving licence and photo ID in the Digital Licence app

Motorists in the Australian state of Queensland will be able to store and display a digital version of their driving licence and other proof of identity cards on their mobile device from 2023.

The Queensland Government has announced plans for a statewide rollout of its Digital Licence app that allows state residents “to securely and easily store their driver licences, photo identification cards and recreational marine licences digitally on their mobile devices”.

The rollout will follow the completion of a trial phase in the northern city of Townsville later this year.

“The Digital Licence will be encrypted and your information will be stored safely,” the state government says.

“You will be able to choose who you share your information with — when, where and how you need to.

“It will also enable businesses to validate a licence digitally, so that people can have confidence that the Digital Licence presented is genuine.”

The credentials stored in the app will be available even when a device is not connected to the internet, and any changes to the information stored in the app will be updated automatically as necessary.

A short video shows how the Digital Licence can be used.

The Digital Licence app was originally trialled in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland in 2020 and the state government passed legislation for its introduction in July the same year.

Queensland launched contactless physical driving licences in April 2019.

Queensland to launch digital driving licence in 2023 was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.