Polish retail chain trials biometric payments

PAY BY EYE: Users upload iris and face data to the biometric system and link them to their payment card

Customers purchasing laptops, tablets, smartphones and accessories from a branch of Polish retail chain Komputronik in the city of Wroclaw can now pay for their purchases using a biometric payments system that uses a combination of iris and face recognition technology.

To use the service, customers first upload biometric data for their iris and face and link them to their payment card via the system’s app on their Apple or Android device. They are then able to pay for their in-store purchases simply by looking into a biometric payment reader.

Komputronik is testing the iris recognition-based system developed by Polish technology provider PayEye using an updated point-of-sale terminal — known as eyePOS 2.0 — that combines both face and iris recognition for “doubled authentication strength […] without the risk of any mistake, regardless of the number of users in the database”, PayEye says.

A short video shows how the system works

“After the pilot programme has been carried out, the possibility of paying with PayEye will appear in other Komputronik stores,” the retailer says.

Wroclaw’s Nowe Horyzonty Cinema began trialling PayEye for ticket purchases in June 2021.

Polish retail chain trials biometric payments was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.