Phillies trial hands-free biometric ticketing for baseball games

BIOMETRIC TICKETING: Baseball fans sign up for Go-Ahead entry on the MLB app and add a facial scan

Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team in the US can now sign up to test a hands-free biometric ticketing system at Citizens Bank Park that enables them to gain access to home games at the stadium with their face.

Fans can register to take part in the test on the Major League Baseball (MLB) app which automatically links their biometric data to the tickets they have purchased and stored in their MLB app account.

They can then gain access to the stadium by simply proceeding through a dedicated lane where cameras authenticate their identity using biometric face recognition technology.

Citizens Bank Park is the first stadium in the US to test the MLB’s Go-Ahead Entry biometric system that combines “free-flow security screening technology and facial authentication-based gate management, resulting in a fast, hands-free entry into the ballpark”, MLB says.

“MLB’s Go-Ahead Entry technology uses a camera that will identify any opted-in fan as a registered member as they walk in — either alone or with their group — automatically scanning tickets once identified. No need to stop or even get a phone out.”

The camera will “scan your face to create a unique numerical token associated with you. The facial scans will be deleted immediately thereafter.”

“Only the unique numerical token will be retained and associated with your MLB account,” MLB adds.

During the trial, Go-Ahead Entry will be available at Citizens Bank Park’s First Base gate with plans to “expand the offering in 2024”.

Phillies trial hands-free biometric ticketing for baseball games was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.