Panera Bread installs biometric palm payments devices at US bakery stores

BIOMETRICS: Customers can use Amazon One to access their loyalty account and pay with their palm

Customers at Panera Bread outlets in St Louis, Missouri, in the USA can now opt to access their loyalty account and make contactless payments for their purchases with their palm.

The national coffee shop and bakery chain has rolled out Amazon’s Amazon One biometric palm-recognition technology at selected outlets, enabling customers to link their MyPanera loyalty account, their credit card and their Amazon One ID in order to verify their identity and authenticate payments.

Customers who have not already enrolled with Amazon One can pre-enrol online or when placing their order in store, while those who already have an Amazon One ID do not need to re-enrol and can link it to their MyPanera account, either online or in store.

“Amazon One will bring an even more personalised touch to the Panera dining experience. Guests who link their MyPanera account to Amazon One will enjoy the convenience of fast payments, as well as tailored meal recommendations from Panera associates based on their preferences and previous orders.

“After a simple scan of the palm, Panera associates will be able to greet guests by name, communicate their available rewards, reorder their favorite menu items, or take another order of their choice, extending the guest experience into a true and meaningful relationship.

“When they are done ordering, guests can simply scan their palm again to pay.”

Panera Bread is the first national restaurant chain in the USA to implement Amazon One and plans to roll out the service to additional locations “in the coming months”, the company says.

Amazon began rolling out its Amazon One biometric device in Amazon Go stores in Seattle in September 2020 and has now implemented it at more than 50 of its own stores across the USA.

Food and drink outlets across Seattle’s Climate Pledge Area added support for Amazon One in October 2022.

Panera Bread installs biometric palm payments devices at US bakery stores was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.