NHS trust promotes staff wellbeing with ixkio NFC hangtags

NFC HANGTAG: NHS staff scan the tag with their mobile to access wellbeing resources via the WellNet hub

EXHIBITOR NEWS: Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust in England is using ixkio’s NFC tag management platform to enable medical staff, care workers and other employees to access free wellbeing support resources by scanning an NFC hangtag with their smartphone.

The trust is distributing the NFC tags as part of its WellNet project to support and improve the mental wellbeing of its employees by providing them with information about workshops, counselling, therapy and advice through newsletters and a website.

The tags are linked to the ixkio platform, allowing project staff to manage the campaign, monitor scan statistics and update the URL.

“These physical hangtags are a great way to provide accessibility. In the past, posters would have been placed around staff areas, but staff rooms have been compromised for patients and there is no longer a specific area to have a break,” the trust says.

The project opted for interactive NFC tags because they can be easily distributed at work events and carried around by staff.

“Remote workers don’t have access to laptops or computers, making these hangtags perfect for scanning with their phone on the go,” the trust adds.

“NHS staff of all levels will be able to scan the NFC hangtag with their mobile phone and get redirected to the WellNet website, which shows them how to receive wellbeing coaching, psychological support and cost of living support.”

Following positive responses from staff, the trust is also now starting to use the hangtags and ixkio platform in its perinatal mental health service.

NHS trust promotes staff wellbeing with ixkio NFC hangtags was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.