NFC tag management platform ixkio opens NFCW Expo showcase

SHOWCASE: Find out how ixkio makes it quick and easy to deploy NFC tag projects

EXHIBITOR NEWS: NFC tag veterans Seritag have launched ixkio, an NFC tag management platform designed for easy, flexible and scalable control of both standard and authentication NFC tags.

Ixkio is designed from the ground up to support NFC tag deployments, including a full range of features to support product authentication applications and the ability to scale deployments from anywhere from 100 to 100,000 tags.

Features include powerful rules-based tag management, customisable response methods and tag data, and console or in-situ tag control as well as integrated support for authentication NFC tags.

“The ixkio team offers experienced, friendly advice for your projects and our development plan offers discounted rates and free sample tags to allow for testing and development and see how the software can work for you,” operations manager Helen Jones told NFCW.

“Our experience providing NFC tags for hundreds of projects over the years gave us the knowledge and experience to build the ixkio tag management platform.

“With the growth of authentication NFC tags, particularly within the NFT space, we are finding the flexibility and scalability we designed into ixkio from the start is proving invaluable.”

To find out how you can get your NFC project started quickly and easily with ixkio, to explore the features ixkio supports and to access pricing information, visit the ixkio booth in the NFCW Expo.

NFC tag management platform ixkio opens NFCW Expo showcase was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.