NFC Forum unveils Wayfinding Mark as global identifier for NFC tapping locations

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY: The marks show where and how to tap an NFC target with an NFC device

The NFC Forum has launched a series of graphics incorporating a Wayfinding Mark that can be displayed on NFC connected products, labels, devices and other locations in order to show consumers exactly where and how to tap with their NFC-enabled device to ensure “optimal connectivity”.

“Marks that simply indicate the existence of a technology are not sufficient for NFC. To be successful, we must guide users to a tapping location,” the NFC Forum explains.

“The NFC Wayfinding System is designed to adapt for the diverse uses and consumer awareness of the technology while leveraging the continuity of learned behaviours.”

Four variations

The Wayfinding Marks come in four variations — Directional, Simplified, Charging and Instructional — and can be displayed in sizes ranging from 5mm to 14mm upwards and a variety of colourways, offering “designers and products manufacturers flexibility while enhancing those brands that integrate contactless connections in their consumer journey”.

“The Directional variation is most helpful for tags and on occasionally used devices to overtly guide the user to the precise location of the NFC antenna for an optimal connectivity experience,” the NFC Forum says.

“The Simplified variation can be used in everyday use cases where users have a high degree of familiarity. Adopters should be careful in their choice of this variation because it provides significantly less wayfinding guidance, which may be an issue for the less familiar user.

“The Charging variation provides users with confirmation of NFC charging functionality and the location of the antenna. It is reserved for this use case only.

“The Instructional variations are complementary marks that can be used in cases where user awareness and knowledge of NFC technology are presumed to be low. It provides the most literal guidance of tapping from a mobile device to establish a connection.”

NFC Forum unveils Wayfinding Mark as global identifier for NFC tapping locations was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.