NFC Forum certifies Cilab for CR13 testing

CERTIFICATION: Cilab is to release a testing suite for its ci230 high-speed tester enabling developers to check and verify NFC devices comply with the NFC Forum’s CR13 product certification program

PARTNER NEWS: Cilab has received NFC Forum CR13 certification and is to release a testing suite for its ci230 high-speed tester that will enable developers and manufacturers to check and verify that their NFC devices meet the specification requirements laid out in the CR13 product certification program.

The accreditation means that Cilab is now an NFC Forum-certified test tool provider for both the CR13 and the CR12 product certification programs.

CR13 extends NFC Forum certification by introducing specifications for applications across a wider range of market ecosystems that support contactless functionalities for payments, smart homes, identity verification, mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT).

It also includes support for NFC wireless charging as well as for digital car keys that conform to Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key releases 2 and 3.

“We are already a provider for debugging solutions for chipset suppliers and integrators,” Cilab CEO Alfred Binder says.

“With this dual certification, we will now be able to provide an incredibly fast and fully automated set of tests to the entire ecosystem, such as certification laboratories or validation teams, for example.

“Cilab is already looking to the future of the NFC Forum by offering WLC NFC debugging suites.

“We are also here to support the NFC Forum in the multiplication of use cases and our customers can already prepare for contactless charging with unparalleled features to ensure the robustness of their technology and optimise their testing capacity.”

“The release of the CR13 product certification program answers a global need for NFC interoperability and supports a greatly extended range of NFC implementations across the entire market ecosystem,” NFC Forum executive director Mike McCamon says.

“As an NFC Forum member, Cilab and its proven testing systems and technology help to ensure NFC interoperability and improved user experiences — both of which are essential at a time when consumers are increasingly turning towards leading a contactless lifestyle.”

The NFC Forum launched its CR12 product certification program in December 2020 and added support for digital keys and NFC wireless charging to its newly released CR13 program in December 2021.

As well as support for NFC Forum certification, Cilab also provides the fastest EMVCo, ISO and BSI contactless test solutions on the market.

NFC Forum certifies Cilab for CR13 testing was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.