New super chips to push AI further, faster

The chief executive of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, took to the stage at its annual developer conference displaying the Blackwell GPU and announced that the Blackwell graphics processing units would massively increase the computing power driving large language models.

New super chips to push AI further, faster

The Blackwell GPU has 208 billion transistors, compared with 80 billion in last year’s H100, in a measure of its increased power…

Huang said the chip was twice as powerful when it came to training AI models as its current generation of GPUs and had five times their capability when it came to “inference” — the speed at which AI models such as ChatGPT can respond to queries.

“The inference capability of Blackwell is off the charts,” he said, adding that there was “unbelievable excitement” about it.

Huang said Nvidia’s GB200 “superchip” would combine two of the Blackwell GPUs with the company’s “Grace” central processing unit, which has powered the growth of generative AI.

Nvidia’s market capitalisation has grown to $2.2 trillion, overtaking Google and Amazon to become the third most-valuable company in the world after Microsoft and Apple, and a sign of what the future may hold for computing.

Huang reflected Nvidia’s core contention that AI will have a transformative effect on every part of the global economy. All the big cloud service providers, which include Google, Amazon and Microsoft, were “lined up as customers” for what he predicted would be “the most successful product launch in our history”.

Nvidia’s chips have become the commodity that has underpinned the generative AI revolution, and its rocketing stock has fuelled share price rallies across the globe.

Companies including OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft, and other entities have spent billions of dollars to acquire Nvidia’s chips, which offer the computing power behind generative AI technology that can produce humanlike text, video and code within seconds.

The ultimate size of this future generative AI market remains unclear. Huang has predicted that the total value of all the technology in data centres will reach $2 trillion in the next four to five years.


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