New South Wales to roll out ‘whole-of-government’ digital identity wallet in 2022

DIGITAL ID: Citizens will be able to store and display a range of credentials and documents on their phone

The state government of New South Wales in Australia is to expand its digital ID system and enable citizens to store, display and renew a wider range of identity documents and other personal credentials including digital versions of their birth certificate, educational qualifications, seniors card and vocational licences in a digital wallet on their mobile device.

NSW has already rolled out digital driving licences and other documents such as fishing and boating licences and is to increase the range of digital credentials available via its Service NSW app in 2022 as part of its “whole-of-government approach to digital identity”.

“Since 2015 Service NSW has expanded its digital offerings, developing the MyServiceNSW Account and Service NSW app, which has transformed the way the people of NSW interact with government,” the state’s minister for digital and customer service Victor Dominello says.

“The new digital services will be faster, more convenient and less costly to use than paper or physical alternatives and will be less prone to forgery, misplacement or theft than physical documents.

“Customers will also be able to avoid sharing more personal information than required, which can sometimes happen when a physical document needs to be provided.

“Robust privacy and security measures, as well as strong anti-fraud safeguards, will be built into new services to ensure customer information is protected at all times.”

A short video shows how the expanded NSW digital identity system will work.

New South Wales to roll out ‘whole-of-government’ digital identity wallet in 2022 was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.