Nepal introduces in-store NFC mobile payments

MOBILE PAYMENT: Shoppers can now use their NFC phone to pay contactlessly at the point of sale

Consumers in Nepal can now make contactless NFC payments by tapping their smartphone on an NFC reader at the point of sale (POS) without needing an internet connection.

Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL) has launched the NepalPay Tap service on its ConnectIPS payments app after enabling users to make in-store QR code payments where an internet connection is available via the app’s NepalPay QR feature last year.

“With this, it is now no longer required for customers to use a card for POS transactions; rather they can just tap the device and make payment, currently available through ConnectIPS mobile app,” NCHL says.

“Currently, the transaction limit of NepalPay Tap is up to Rs 5,000 (US$38) per transaction and can be controlled by the customer.”

NCHL has rolled out the new service with support from Nepal Investment Mega Bank and POS technology provider Citytech.

Nepal introduces in-store NFC mobile payments was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.