Moscow ticketing app begins nationwide rollout

NATIONWIDE: Public transport users outside of Moscow can now use the Troika app to top up transit cards

Public transport users in the Russian city of Tula are the first outside Moscow to be able to top up their prepaid Troika transit card from their smartphone using the My Troika app.

The app also lets users activate automatic top-up and link their Troika card to “any number of bank cards”, as well as check their Troika account balance and transaction history, and will be rolled out “to other Russian cities in the nearest future”, Moscow’s Department of Transport says.

More than 2,000 Tula residents used the app to top up their Troika cards during a four-month pilot scheme.

Troika cards first launched in Moscow in 2013 and are now available for public transport fare payments in 13 regions across Russia, including Tula, Leningrad and Karelia.

Moscow Metro officially launched a digital version of its Troika transit card in December 2021. 

Moscow ticketing app begins nationwide rollout was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.