Moscow Metro to roll out digital Troika transit card

Digital Troika transit card over a turnstile
LAUNCH READY: Muscovites will soon be able to travel using a digital Troika card on their Android phone

Moscow Metro has launched the final phase of testing of a digital version of the Troika transit card that enables passengers with Android smartphones to pay their fares on metro, bus, tram and local train services by tapping their device at a turnstile or validator.

Participants in the trial can purchase the digital card via a special version of the Moscow Metro app and will be able to make fare payments with it using Google Pay.

“The process of paying for travel is similar to the payment mechanism by card, as simple as presenting a smartphone with the screen turned on to a turnstile or validator installed in Moscow public transport that is able to accept bank cards,” Moscow Metro explains.

“At the same time, customers do not need to unlock their phones by entering passwords, reading a fingerprint or scanning a face — the ticket is calculated from the smartphone automatically.

“Customers only have to select Google Pay as the main type of payment in their phone.

“During the testing, passengers will be able to purchase a single ticket with a 30-day travel limit.

“Customers can use the virtual Troika in the metro, buses, trams, electric buses, Moscow Central Diameters train services and the Moscow Central Circle rail line.”

Moscow Metro began enabling passengers to top up their plastic Troika card from their mobile banking app in July.

Moscow Metro to roll out digital Troika transit card was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.