Moscow Metro reports on face biometric ticketing adoption

BIOMETRICS: More than 32m journeys were paid for using the FacePay contactless fare system in 2022

Passengers travelling on the Moscow Metro and Moscow Central Circle services in the Russian capital paid for a total of around 32m journeys using the network’s FacePay biometric contactless fare payment system and more than 220,000 new users registered to use FacePay during 2022, Moscow Metro reports.

Moscow Metro is also now rolling out an additional 330 turnstiles that support the FacePay service across its network as part of plans to extend biometric ticketing to surface and river transport, airport rail link services and the Moscow Central Diameters commuter rail network.

Additionally, FacePay users will soon be able to link student discount cards and other passes and ‘social transport’ cards to the system, Moscow Metro says.

The metro operator began publicly testing the FacePay biometric contactless payment system in August 2021 before launching a network-wide rollout in September 2021 which it completed the following month.

Moscow Metro reports on face biometric ticketing adoption was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.