Mercedes-Benz and BP pilot in-truck fuel payments in the UK

IN-TRUCK PAYMENT: Using BP In-Truck Pay, drivers simply confirm the site, unlock the pump and refuel

Mercedes-Benz and BP have completed a trial of an app-based digital in-truck fuel payment system that allows haulage drivers to pay without leaving their vehicle or using a fuel payment card.

The BP In-Truck Pay system also automatically relays information about fuel purchases and mileage to fleet managers without drivers having to enter the details themselves.

“BP In-Truck Pay is designed specifically for fleet operators to help get drivers back on the road faster,” BP says.

“It requires just three simple steps — drivers confirm the site, unlock the pump and refuel.

“The truck directly logs the fuel transaction — paying for the fuel itself. Drivers don’t need to pay in the shop or enter data. And there is no need for fuel cards, removing complications from managing lost or damaged cards and the risk of fraudulent card use.”

The service has been developed for use in vehicles in Mercedes-Benz’s Astros range and can be assigned to an individual vehicle through the truck app portal in its interactive multimedia cockpit.

During the pilot, which began in May this year, BP In-Truck Pay was installed in 11 vehicles operated by UK kitchen retailer Wren Kitchens.

 “The trials have shown an increase in efficiency, with savings of approximately five ‎minutes per transaction,” the retailer says.

“When you add that up over time, it will have a hugely ‎positive impact on our business, which delivers over 100,000 kitchens per year ‎across the UK.

“Not only that, but it will also be beneficial for our drivers, by creating a ‎safer and quicker way to pay for fuel.”‎

BP now plans to offer the service “to other customers and countries in due course”.

Mercedes rolled out in-car fuel payments in Germany in March.

Mercedes-Benz and BP pilot in-truck fuel payments in the UK was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.