Medicom combats counterfeit figurines with NFC tags

AUTHENTICATION: Customers verify authenticity by tapping their phone on the NFC tag in the toy’s right leg

Japanese collectible toy maker Medicom Toy has added NFC authentication tags to three of its Be@rbrick figurines in a bid to combat numerous fake versions of the bear-shaped toys that have appeared on the market.

Medicom is using a new anti-counterfeit solution called, co-developed with Hakuhodo Product’s, to make it possible for customers to verify the authenticity of their figurine by tapping their smartphone to an NFC tag embedded in the right leg of each Be@rbrick toy.

The solution combines NFC with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to allow product ownership information to be managed on a blockchain in the form of a guarantee card that customers can use to transfer ownership of a figurine to a new buyer as well as to check the product’s authenticity.

“Medicom Toy has been impacted by numerous Be@rbrick imitations and has therefore partnered with Hakuhodo Product’s to develop, enabling both digital and physical authentication, to eliminate risks associated with counterfeits circulating unchecked,” NFC tag and authentication platform supplier Toppan explains. 

“This includes preventing damage to the brand and loss of revenue as well as negative impacts on consumers who purchase imitation goods believing them to be genuine.

“The lineup protected by will be expanded going forward.”

Medicom combats counterfeit figurines with NFC tags was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.