Mahajati picks Ixkio to authenticate artworks with NFC

AUTHENTICATION: Purchasers can check the authenticity of the artwork by scanning the embedded NFC tag

EXHIBITOR NEWS: Singapore-based Islamic wood-carving specialist Mahajati has selected ixkio’s NFC tag management platform to enable purchasers of its unique artworks to verify the authenticity of the product and provide proof of ownership by scanning an NFC authentication tag with their smartphone.

Mahajati is fitting the art it produces with NFC tags supplied by ixkio’s sister company Seritag. Each tag links to a record on a web3 blockchain and provides a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership for the individual work.

Each time one of these authentication NFC tags is scanned it generates a unique code that can be verified by a third-party server and — unlike a regular NFC tag — renders any attempt to duplicate it for fraudulent purposes pointless.

Authentication tags can also be integrated discreetly into an artwork such as a sculpture in the form of a small disc tag or even a wet inlay label that can be moulded or laminated into the work without distracting from its appearance or function.

This method of integrating the NFC tag within the product also makes it difficult to remove and transplant into a different piece of art.

DELICATE: A craftsman works on one of Mahajati’s intricate handmade wood carvings

“A rapidly increasing number of manufacturers are starting to use authentication NFC tags to identify and verify artworks,” ixkio CEO Phil Coote told NFCW.

“These tags are a low cost way of giving the customer peace of mind when purchasing products. They prove whether a product is genuine or not and build a trustworthy relationship with customers.

“Creating digital twins and providing web3 certificates of authenticity and ownership for artworks is becoming easier and cheaper.

“Integrating NFC tags onto — or even into — artworks allows artists not only to protect their work from counterfeits but also to create a long-term connection to both current and future owners.”

In December 2022 ixkio added an NFT authentication feature to its tag management platform that enables users to easily verify the authenticity of both a digital non-fungible token and the physical NFC tag linked to it in a single interaction.

Mahajati picks Ixkio to authenticate artworks with NFC was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.