Lithuanian supermarket chain begins rolling out contactless stores

CONTACTLESS: Shoppers check in at the entrance by tapping their payment card or device

Lithuanian supermarket chain IKI has opened its second contactless convenience store in the capital Vilnius, enabling customers to check in at the store door by tapping their payment card, mobile wallet or retailer’s app, select the products they want and pay for their purchases without needing to scan them, by tapping their payment card as they leave.

IKI has rolled out the AI-powered sensor and camera-based technology at the IKI Express 24/7 store on Vilnius’ White Bridge following a successful pilot programme and plans to open a total of four contactless outlets by the end of the year.

How it works

“Retail customers tap any payment card, phone or watch wallet, or retailer mobile app at the store doors to enter,” technology provider Pixevia explains.

“They can pick items up and put them back with no need for any scanning. Inputs from shelf sensors and camera video streams in the store are inputted into Pixevia’s AI platform, which determines exactly what each customer has selected.

“It presents the entire list of items to customers in real time, allowing them to pay with another tap of a card before leaving the store. The shopper gets the receipt instantly, before they leave the store.

“Pixevia’s AI platform also alerts store employees automatically about any goods that need replenishing on the shelves, and predicts the need to reorder stock.

“The Pixevia platform supports the IKI Express 24/7 store’s full range of convenience products, including bakery, coffee machine, slush drinks, refrigerated food, ice cream, hygiene products, beer, wine, energy drinks and tobacco products.

“Food products can also be warmed up, eaten at a dedicated food counter and paid for only when leaving the store.

“Shoppers can put all their goods immediately into their own bags — there is no need to carry a conventional basket.”

Lithuanian supermarket chain begins rolling out contactless stores was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.