Landmark London building rolls out support for employee IDs in Apple Wallet for contactless entry

ACCESS CONTROL: Apple users can store their employee badge in Wallet and access secured areas by tapping their phone on a door’s NFC-enabled reader

Apple users working in landmark City of London skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate can now gain access to the building, their workplace and shared amenities with a tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch using a digital employee badge stored in Wallet.

The building’s NFC-enabled access control system also lets Apple users opt to enable Express Mode in order to gain access without needing to unlock or wake up their device.

The digital employee badge for Apple Wallet is being rolled out by smart building technology provider Smart Spaces and digital identity provider HID Global. It follows the implementation of an app-based access control system using HID Global’s Mobile Access solution when the building opened in 2020.

The existing multi-platform QR code-based access system will “remain available for those who use it”, HID says.

“The introduction of employee badges in Wallet, which is one of the first to debut in the UK at 22 Bishopsgate, is the next step in transforming the user experience in a modern workplace,” the technology provider adds.

“Unlike physical cards, there is no waiting time for obtaining building credentials, making building access for new employees quick and efficient.

“Once an employee badge has been added and activated within Apple Wallet, users can hold their device near a door’s NFC-enabled reader to immediately access secured areas.

“Employee badges in Apple Wallet take full advantage of the privacy and security built into iPhone and Apple Watch.

“When or where a 22 Bishopsgate employee uses their employee badge in Apple Wallet is never shared with Apple or stored on Apple servers.

“If their iPhone or Apple Watch is misplaced, the owner of the device can promptly use the Find My app to lock the device and help locate it.”

Landmark London building rolls out support for employee IDs in Apple Wallet for contactless entry was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.