JustKitchen to pilot smart lockers for contactless food delivery in Taiwan

SMART DELIVERY: Employees will be able to order meals online for pickup from smart lockers at their office

Employees at Panasonic Taiwan’s head office in New Taipei City will soon be able to order and pay for meals online and collect them from on-premises contactless smart lockers by scanning a unique QR code.

Taiwan-based food delivery service JustKitchen is to trial the lockers as part of a business-to-business pilot scheme “to ensure the contactless delivery of food” ordered through a white-label food ordering portal.

“Smart lockers are an effective solution as they are secure, modular, temperature-controlled and designed to hold packaged food items for an extended period of time, if necessary, until a customer retrieves their order,” JustKitchen says.

“Each locker also includes a smart screen, which enables a user to access their locker by scanning a QR code, as well as a manual keypad for a secondary alternative in order to access the locker.

“Delivery drivers will receive their instructions from the JKOS platform as to which food order is to be deposited into which locker, all as part of the turnkey and cloud-based system that JustKitchen management expects will result in a successful pilot program.”

“If successful, the pilot program may be extended to other Panasonic office locations and offered by the company to other third-party clients in locations where there is limited access to food delivery or contactless requirements,” JustKitchen adds.

JustKitchen to pilot smart lockers for contactless food delivery in Taiwan was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.