JR West to trial contactless biometric fare payments at stations in Osaka

FACE RECOGNITION: Osaka’s contactless biometric ticketing system trial is due to start in March

Passengers travelling on train services operated by JR West between two railway stations in the Japanese city of Osaka will soon be able to test a contactless biometric ticketing system that enables them to pay for their fares with their face.

The rail operator is to begin trialling the face recognition technology in ticketing gates at Osaka (Umekita) and Shin-Osaka stations which uses a camera to read a user’s face and match it to a pre-registered photo, allowing them to simply walk through the gate to start their journey.

“We verified a new ‘ticketless authentication method’ that uses the face as a key, positioned it as a challenge to build a next-generation seamless mobile service that combines digital technology and the real world, and developed a face authentication ticket gate,” JR West says.

“We provide a place where you can experience new digital technology in real life. The face recognition ticket gates installed at Osaka Station (Umekita underground entrance) offer an exciting experience with an innovative design that makes you feel the near future.”

The trial is due to begin when the new Umekita underground entrance to Osaka Station opens in March.

Osaka Metro began trialling contactless biometric fare payments for wheelchair users in December.

JR West to trial contactless biometric fare payments at stations in Osaka was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.