Johnnie Walker uses NFC to let consumers access immersive digital Singapore experience at Changi Airport

VIRTUAL VERSION: Consumers tap the NFC tag on the bottles to explore a Singapore of the future

Consumers visiting a Lotte Duty Free store at Changi Airport in Singapore can access an immersive digital experience that brings to life the country as it might be in the year 2220 by tapping an NFC chip embedded in limited edition bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cities of the Future whisky with their mobile device.

The NFC chip links to a virtual version of a future Singapore, created by digital artist Luke Halls, supplemented by a pop-up installation of LCD displays in the retail outlet in Terminal 3 to mark the launch of the Singapore edition of the Cities of the Future range.

“This exciting new concept offers shoppers an additional, immersive and multi-sensory experience, aided by LCD back-wall displays. The limited edition bottle with stunning visuals has an NFC chip in the label that allows customers to explore a vibrant, imaginary Singapore society of the future that has embraced new scientific developments to unlock creative potential,” Johnnie Walker told local media outlets.

There are 10 designs exploring themes of geoengineering, AI empowerment, and technologies which defy physics, in the collection. These intricate illustrations reimagine a thriving and vibrant future society in 2220 with transformed cityscapes and skylines, which push the limits of what’s possible.

“Halls’ illustration of 23rd century Singapore explores the theme of geoengineered cities, reimagining the city as a garden utopia with sprawling geodesic domes and organic curvilinear skyscrapers. The constant drive for green energy has led urban planners and engineers to develop man-made hydropower waterfalls and ultra-lightweight solar panels which adorn every structure.”

Johnnie Walker began rolling out its Blue Label Cities of the Future range in August 2022 which will also include editions specific to the cities of London, Hainan, Taipei, Mexico City, Seoul, Sydney, Bangkok and Berlin, and an imaginary settlement on Mars.

The installation at Changi Airport runs until 12 May.

Johnnie Walker uses NFC to let consumers access immersive digital Singapore experience at Changi Airport was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.