INTEGRATED: Users can trial the JakLingko transit card and mobile app to make contactless fare payments

Passengers using public transport services in the greater Jakarta metropolitan area of Indonesia can now sign up to trial a transit card and a smartphone app that enable them to make contactless fare payments on bus and rail services in the region.

The trial of the JakLingko card and app marks the first phase in the implementation of an integrated multimodal transit ticketing and fare payment system across the Jabodetabek region.

Participants will be able to pay for their fares by tapping in and out or scanning a QR code at “integration gates” at bus stops and railway stations on networks operated by MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, Transjakarta and Commuter Line.

The second phase will include the addition of a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform and the launch of an integrated tariff system.

Account-based ticketing will be added in the third phase of the rollout allowing users to “benefit from the smart technology in the JakLingko application that can read a passenger’s profile and propose different fares accordingly,” says technology provider Thales.

“For example, a total of 14 fare categorisations will be available, including students and elderly passenger rates, making travel more equitable for all.

“This system will include enhanced mobility features leading to an ‘end-to-end ticketing solution’ in the final phase able to handle five million transactions daily, where the consortium will migrate the existing card-centric architecture to a full account-based ticketing (ABT) one.

“Commuters can expect to start using the integrated solution from August 2022.”

Jakarta transport networks trial transit card and mobile app for multimodal contactless ticketing was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.

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